Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Colorful Yard Sale Trip!

My excitement is not conveyed well by the fact that it has taken me 4 days to post some of my pics from a recent trip I took to some great yard sales. I was afraid the best of the season was done, but I was wrong and very glad I ventured out...even with my 11 month old in tow.
I love to find bigger yard sales, like ones that churches or other organizations put on since there is a bigger selection and I can almost always find something! This past weekend was no exception.

A stool that matches my son's room colors.
A toy box (bought this past summer at a yard sale) full of large sized legos.
My son's new FAVorite bath toys! He keeps one in his mouth and one in each hand pretty much the whole bath. And he likes to stay in a lot longer than he used to. And yes, our house is old and we have a blue tub!
An assortment of other colorful toys, not all of which are pictured, but all of which have been very exciting to my son! About a million of the rings to attach things to other things (will be great for the next little one as well), noise makers, mirrors, etc...
I got all of the above (including the toy box from last summer) plus some of the toys that are in bags and in the car already, for $11. I think this is great! Some people would spend $11 on any ONE of those items, but I got them all, plus some, plus I know I will get more use out of all of it since I am having another boy in March.

On top of these buys for my son, I also stopped by a yard sale that was put on by a younger couple and I got 3 nice shirts and two very new looking purses for a total of $5. It was a great morning for both of us!
Cheers for great buys!

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