Monday, November 30, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - November 30

Head on over to Laura's site for some great menu ideas for this week!
Today is a somewhat sad day in my menu planning arena. Simple. But sad.
Over the weekend I went to grab some baby food from by deep freezer to add to my freezer upstairs for convenience. When I did this I realized that the food (the applesauce I was grabbing) was mostly thawed! Bummer! Not sure how long it had been, not sure if things had been thawed and were refreezing or was in the process of thawing for the first time. The weird thing is there were some things that were still solid frozen. Those things were the only things I was willing to keep. Sadly, I dumped a lot of food this past weekend, voting for safety and security over the time and money spent on the food. What a sad weekend. Still not sure what is wrong with the freezer. We emptied it all out (salvaging the little we could in out normal freezer) turned it off to defrost it and turned it back on to see if anything had changed. It is cold. But more like a refrigerator than a freezer.
So this week we will be eating the things we were able to salvage. I had just gotten myself all pumped and found a bunch of recipes for a cooking/baking day to get my freezer stocked, and now I am doing the opposite. Just thankful I had not already done that big stocking the freezer day yet!

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