Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I have realized something about myself recently.
I don't like to create things.
I do like to edit, revise, change, adjust, alter, modify, adapt and transform.
I'm just not so much into the creating.
I don't look at a blank room and see painted walls, pictures hanging and furniture all aligned.
I see a blank room.
I don't see a bunch of ingredients and make up a recipe.
I adjust recipes to make them my own based on what I like and what I have.

This blog was intended to keep me accountable, help others with things I have learned along the way, and have fun writing. I do enjoy writing, but for me (at least with this blog) it has become more of a job, more of a chore, more difficult than I would have thought. It has become a chore for me to come up with posts, to try and think about what others might want to know about and then write about it. I've decided that is just not me. I am not a twitter fanatic because I do not constantly think about tweeting what I am doing, but instead I just enjoy what I am doing. And in the same way, I am not always thinking about writing about the things that I am doing and learning. I am just doing and learning. At least at this stage in my life, with 2 kids under 2 and a husband and 2 part time jobs and a house, etc. this is where I am.

I thought about just stopping this blog, cold turkey, with no notice, but I know even though my content has dwindled a bit, I do still have followers (mom, I'll still share recipes with you!) and I wanted to help you understand where I am at right now. For me, right now, it is simply practical to stop this blog...at least for now...

Thank you!

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  1. Aww sad day, it's been fun knowing how your brain ticks, and often at times makes me thankful I'm not the only one that thinks a certain way!
    Thanks for all you've brought to the table, it's been so fun to read. I hope it comes back at some point.