Monday, June 7, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - June 7

Most weeks we do not get to half of what I plan for or what I think we will get through. Things come up, we have other cravings, meals last longer (more leftovers) than I plan for, etc. But looking back at last weeks plan I am amazed that we made/ate everything on the menu! Good times!
The granola was great as a breakfast item and snack item with yogurt, and I am finding the best way to get it crunchy (the way I really like it) is to do the amount of time suggested (or sometimes a little more) and then turn the oven off and leave the granola in the oven as it cools. Seems to work like a charm!
The butterscotch oatmeal was good, but I wouldn't make it everyday. I prefer to make baked oatmeal and have it ready for the week. I don't need much variety to survive (strange, since I love trying new things!).
We got a lot more lettuce again from our garden and we made meals out of salads 3 times. Salads are good for you and you can put just about anything on top to make it fun and exciting. This was one way.
And the rest of our meals were also good, and simple. The way I like it!

This week will be a "clean out the fridge, freezer, pantry" week before we leave for a bit (away at camp where our meals are planned for us and I don't have to think/plan at all...except for my toddler...). We have a few tomatoes right now that will make for good tomato sandwiches. Also have zucchini from our co-op that will make for some good muffins and maybe a side salad. And picked up some leftover hamburgers and hot dogs from a party that we will eat as well. And I will also be preparing some snacks for my toddler for the following week. Should be even simpler than this past week, but still enjoyable. What do you have planned for your week.

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