Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Homemade Snacks

In my quest for saving money I have realized that snacks are greatly enjoyed in our house, but can also be the culprit of more money spent than should be reasonable for the benefit of them...
I have always loved making my own applesauce, and have recently enjoyed finding the best granola recipe. I have also been working on the perfect granola bar (another day, another post) but have also tried to make some other snacks recently.
My first was roasting chick peas. It sounded fun and interesting, I like crunchy, I figured it should be healthy, and a good change from nuts...I read many different ways to add spice and flavor (I chose sweet) and different ways of roasting, like adding flavor before vs. after roasting (I chose before). I would like to try again, adding the flavor after the roasting and see what this does. They took a lot longer than what I read, but were definitely best fresh. I made too many to eat them all fresh. Hubs was not that excited. Luckily my toddler was!
I also had my first attempt ever at making bread (besides making quick breads like this amazing apple bread that I love!). I don't have a fancy mixer or a bread machine or the time/patience for lots of kneading and rising, so I think I qualified for this recipe I found.
 (letting it rise while I found other things to do...)
I made it 100% whole wheat and was very excited for the result, especially when it was right out of the oven (and with a thin layer of nutella). I think I did it on a cooler day recently and had a hard time with the rising, but it eventually got there and it was good. And easy. And I am going to make it again. Soon.
Making snacks from scratch works for me! Got any homemade snacks you love and want to share?


  1. i love the idea of a toddler eating roasted chick peas!

    the goal is to make yogurt this week. i like to stir in jam and nuts.

  2. Roasted chickpeas are a great idea! We are big fans of hummus, which is easy to make and fun for dipping.

    My favorite summer snack (or breakfast) is Tomato Toast.

    I make odds and ends of fruit into a cooked fruit sauce that can be eaten over yogurt, pancakes, whatever. It's hard to go wrong with this concept because almost any combination of fruit tastes great!

    I like to make this Raisin Bran Bread 4 loaves at a time (that's how many loaf pans I have!) and put 1 on the counter to start eating right away, 1 in the fridge to eat within the next week, and 2 in the freezer to bring out in hot weather or when we're having trouble finding time to cook.