Wednesday, May 5, 2010

To Yard Sale or Not To Yard Sale?

Is it worth it?
What makes it worth it?
What makes it NOT worth it?
Is a yard sale a valuable way to declutter and downsize?
What do you do with your little kids during the sale, if you have them?
What is your best tip from your experience of doing (or not doing) yard sales?

I haven't ever personally held a yard sale, but I want to this week (unless I get scared off after I get your answers) and obviously need to really get the best tips you have for me.

Thanks! This might be my favorite 'works for me wednesday' because I get to show how not perfect I am and how I need help (with what may be very simple for someone else). To post your question, or help answer someone else's, head on over to We Are THAT Family.


  1. Yes, it's worth it. Buy the stickers at with prices already written on them. They're worth it. Do NOT try to do a yard sale by yourself. Have a friend or neighbor with you. You don't want people trying to steal things. List your sale on Craigslist. Hope it's a success!

  2. Pass the great tips onto me... We are hoping to have a huge yard sale next week or the following - but defintely prior to our new baby coming in July. I haven't done one in years - since before marriage and kids - so I am a bit anxious about how to make the most of the day - with little ones about, too! I wish you success with yours!

  3. I made almost two hundred two weeks ago. I had everything priced....price it low. I only had sale from 8-1....most customers come early. At 12 I marked everything fifty cents to clear it out...
    Sell water and drinks if hot! I sold water for 50 cents and almost everyone gave me a dollar and was thankfull to get water :)

  4. Great tips! Life got too crazy for me to really get everything ready without stressing, so glad I have another week to put these tips to good use!