Tuesday, July 7, 2009

June Budget Review

June was a good month!

It helped that we were out of town for a week (with meals fully provided!).

We didn't stick as strictly to our "no eating out" rule that we had in May, but we definitely limited the stops we made. I couldn't pass up the Wendy's BOGO coupon they had for the coffee toffee twisted frosty. But it was worth every penny!!

I battled with myself a bit in May about my spending percentage. Well, I didn't try real hard to focus on this in June, but my saving was up to 48%. I gave myself a reduced budget since we were out of town (instead of spending the same but stockpiling) and I did very good with this. We had plenty to eat, but by the end of the month I was getting pretty lazy. I found it easier to just pull pizza out of the freezer instead of getting creative with the things in my cupboards. Oh well. We all need a little break sometime, right?

All we have gotten from our garden so far is lettuce, basil and oregano. I have found some great prices on produce at Kroger to go with the salads, and we have also had lots of corn on the cob. It is very economical and so good!

Some simple goals for the rest of July:
continue eating out only on rare occasions and with coupons (or when it is paid for by others;))
get more of a stockpile of meat and meals in my freezer
making sure I find more deals on fruits and veggies so this isn't the first to go in our diet
continue making food for my dear son
provide more meals for others by taking meals to them or having people over

What are you doing this month to help save money?

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