Thursday, June 4, 2009

May Budget Review

This helps me to see how I have done, whether good or bad...

April was a pretty good month, and I tried to do even better in May, for obvious reasons.

I spent more in May and saved less, but overall I think I had a better month. I mentioned how I thought my numbers were a little off for April, so I could be saying I spent more when I really didn't. But I really did not "save" as much as I did in April. I talk about this saving dilemma here.

My savings % was down to 42% this month. Again, I talk about this in my "dilemma" and why it is a dilemma for me...I would love to be at 50% or higher, but I know there may be other factors involved at times. I did spend $8 less than my goal for the month, though, so this I was happy with!

We had plenty of food, we did not eat out, we had people over a few times, and we still had some food in our pantry and freezer at the end of the month, so I know I am doing better at being able to provide us with more for less, and ultimately I am happy with that.

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  1. Coming in under budget is a good thing. And I think your savings % was quite good.