Friday, June 5, 2009

More Food For My Freezer-Peaches!

I love it when I have a seemingly tedious task to do and I find an amazingly simple way to do it!
We have a couple of peach trees in our back yard. They do not get real big, but they are very sweet and delicious. Last year they all came in within about a 2 week span, just before we were leaving for a week! Bummer! We ate as many as we could and then gave a bunch away before we left. I was happy to give them to people who would eat them, but I would have loved to have figured out something to do with them so we could enjoy them for a lot longer (without canning them, I am just not into canning yet!).

Well, now that we have a deep freezer, this is my first though on just about any some now, store some for later. The part about these peaches I was not looking forward to was their size. They are small. This means a lot of peeling for just a little fruit on the inside. It is good fruit, and it is worth it to get to the middle, but I had been putting it off for a while.

Until I found this info about freezing peaches. Hooray! This made the process SO simple! And now I can enjoy these peaches so much longer this year!

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