Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to set specific goals

So you know you want to make some changes, right? You know you want to set some goals and do things a little differently. But how in the world do you get started. You get SMART. You set some SMART goals.

Step 1: Be Specific.

If you make your goal specific you are more likely to be able to accomplish it. It's as simple as answering the old "W" questions.


For example: a general goal may be "I want to spend less money" whereas a specific goal might be "I want to spend $50 less each month on groceries."

This second one is much more specific because it has an exact number and a category. If it is just a general goal, what are you really working toward?

Think about some of the things you might want to do differently and think about how you can be specific in the goals you are going to set. This is just the first step, but it’s an important one!

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