Monday, June 8, 2009

I Got My Pampers!

I LOVE pampers. Really love them! I never would have thought I would be such a diaper snob. I do use others, but this is by far my preference. They are soft. They absorb well. They seem to fit great. They don't have purple or Winnie the Pooh. I just like them A LOT.

So when there is a good deal, I jump. And jump I did. And just in time.

I found out about this deal Sunday morning. I was going to try to get to CVS Sunday afternoon. Hoping they would still have some available. I didn't make it until this morning. No one had been to the store I went to yet. How could I tell? The shelves were stocked and no one in the store had any idea what to do with my printout from the web.

There was confusion, maybe a little frustration. There was a long line forming. There was a long time waiting on hold on the phone trying to contact someone but getting in touch with no one. I tried to be on my best behavior. I wanted this deal, even if it was just for one pack of diapers. I was confused and frustrated with the internet advertising something that no one knew about in the stores. But I was nice. He finally gave me a limit of 3, printing me off my ECBs for each separately (I was very thankful for this as it allows me smaller amounts to spend in the coming weeks).

All in all, I spent $13.93 out of pocket for my 3 packs of diapers.
I had some ECBs to use and also had 3 $2/1 coupons for Pampers.
And I got back $15 ECBs for another day.

Not a bad deal.
Not a bad deal at all!

There is currently some confusion over whether this deal was supposed to happen at all, and whether or not they are going to continue to honor it, so don't run out tonight on my word and try to get some diapers. It is not likely to work so well...sorry!

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