Thursday, June 4, 2009

May Goals Review

Back on May 1 I set some goals for me and for my family. I'm a little delayed getting back to this, but I want to make sure I look back at how I did with those goals, and even though we are already a little into June, I want to make sure I set some new ones as well.

1. My first goal was to plan a month of meals all at once. No, I didn't make them all at once, but I did plan for the whole month right from the beginning, trying to find the best deals on things that I could buy early (knowing I would cook it later).
This worked great for me, and I am doing this again in June. One thing that is helping me even more now is that we were able to purchase a chest freezer, so now I can cook more in bulk and buy more in bulk when I see a great deal!
I also said we were not eating out for the whole month. We last until the 29th, when my husband wanted to take me on a surprise date. We used a gift card he had gotten for Chili's so we paid $2 for the meal plus our tip, still not too bad. We are planning to not eat out again in June.

2. Clutter is still an issue for us and I hate it! Every time I feel like we do a little bit to get rid of some, more pops up than there was before. My husband says "this is a process and you need to be patient" but I say the process is taking too long. We seem to create clutter faster than we can get rid of it!
I need to work much harder and more diligently at this one in June!

3. I think we did pretty good with evaluating the purchases we were both making. We did buy a freezer, but we had saved enough on groceries and knew it was a good deal.
I know we will need to constantly evaluate the things we are buying and the reasons for buying them.

Not bad for the first month of really trying this. Keeping similar goals for June. Don't want to go crazy trying to change too much at once!

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