Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WFMW - Thrifty Alternative

My son is a little young for this special edition of Works For Me Wednesday, but I still wanted to participate!! And I still think this is a great idea for keeping a young one occupied.

Ever keep old stuff lying around because there is an ever so slight possibility that you may one day use it? I do! And I love when I find new uses for things.

I saw someone else do this first, so I am not taking the creative credit for it, but I was very happy to have all materials on hand.

My son is 5 months. He loves grabbing at things. His coordination is not the best yet, but getting there. Because of this, he often grabs things and quickly loses them because he has not mastered the grip yet. Not so bad, but when he is playing in the car seat while in the back seat of the car, and I am driving, I cannot help him when he loses all his toys. And when we are out for a walk in the stroller, I don't want to stop every few seconds to pick up a toy. (I don't care that it falls, or that it might get dirty, or that he might put it back in his mouth. I just don't want to chase after a ball rolling down the hill, just to turn and see the stroller chasing me down the hill.)


Took some old shower curtain holders, looped them together and added a toy (sometimes even two) to the end of it. Very easy to keep toys attached to car seat and stroller. PLUS, added benefit: he can now reach the toys SO much better!

I'm sure I could have found somewhere to buy something like this that would look much cooler, would have all the "stroller moms" jealous and would make my kid grow up to be an astronaut...but old shower curtain holders work just great for me!


  1. I pregnant with my third and it has been a while since I've had a little one. Thanks for the reminder!!

  2. You mean I paid $4 for rings like that when I could have used a few from the 3 sets I have stashed in my laundry room? Oh, well; live and learn!

  3. haha, yes, live and learn! I'm sure I have paid for other things that I could have used substitutes for!

  4. Very creative. Babies need some time just like other children. We just need to figure out what they like to do, right? :)
    Here's one of my favorite baby/toddler sites