Saturday, May 2, 2009

April Budget Roundup

Another month gone.

Crazy, huh.

Another month gone! Where did it go?

I have been trying to keep track of my spending meticulously again this month. I think some receipts may have gotten lost through my husband, happens. We'll get better next month. We use and it works great for us and keeps even better track of every single penny we spend (well, not cash, but we hardly use cash). I know mint has transactions that I don't have in my spreadsheet from receipts I collected, but I know I am fairly close to our actual totals and I know it is much better than last month all around! Yay!

Last month was my first time doing this, and you can see my results and explanations here.

What I would have spent if I actually bought everything at retail cost (granted, I wouldn't have bought many of these things if I weren't getting superb deals, but just to look at the numbers): $766.97 (I did not buy as much this month, by far...did much better at waiting for the best deals instead of just going for a good deal.)

What I saved using coupons, store sales, and rebates: $454.93

What I actually spent OOP:$353.61 (Much better this month, but again, I think I am a little off)

Percentage of savings in April: 64.60% (BEautiful! Last month I was happy to be over 50%, so I am even more excited about this!)

With each month I will gain knowledge and experience, and I will thus be able to spend less. I posted yesterday about our "spending fast" this month, so my May totals should reflect this. Looking forward to a challenging month!

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