Monday, May 11, 2009

Nice to Meet You!

Yes, I am that person.
The one that thinks "If I know both of these people, then they must know each other!"
Yep, that friend that awkwardly stands by as a new friend of mine and an old friend of mine decide they must introduce themselves to each other, because I am not going to do it. But, surely if I know them then everyone must know them! So I'm not good with introducing people, and I think I may have possibly done a similar thing with this blog.
I began a quest to organize my life (after the baby), start couponing, start spending less, start planning more menus, and start blogging about it all. Mostly the blogging was for my own accountability to stick with the plans, but also a bit just in case I could possibly help someone else. But I think I left out the helpful part, the How To's of the process. I forgot to introduce my new friend (Spending Less) to my old friend (Reader). Woops.
So this got me thinking. And when I start thinking I started getting really excited. Not only would this help me to really think through the process and all the details of what I try to do, but it could help others who are just trying to get started (which is only a few steps behind me since I just recently started as well).
SO...I am going to start a How To series. Yep, I think, nope I Know, that this will take more than one post. Plus, it would be like trying to change your whole life in one day, it's just not practical, and I want to make these simple, practical and gradual steps that anyone can take. Get ready for some good stuff!
Wait! you said your excited now and you want a starting place? OK. Just start reading. This is such a hot topic right now since the economy is bad for everyone, so just start googling, or yahooing, or swag bucking, or whatever you do to search on the web and go for it. Try to learn a few new things today about how you can save a few pennies. Here's one place to go to get you started.

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