Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CVS Deals I Got

I wanted to go to CVS on Sunday because I wanted so many of the Only Sunday/Monday deals. Unfortunately it did not work out this way, but I still got some good stuff yesterday:

I started with $4 in ECBs (that I had had for a month because the deals hadn't been that great lately)
I spent $1.72 OOP.
I saved $30.65.
I now have $7.99 in ECBs.

I wanted to get the Post Trail Mix cereal (which would have been free) and I tried to find the small bottles of Nutragena sun care which would habe cost $3.98 (would have used ECBs) but I would have gotten $10 back in ECBs. I may keep looking for these little bottles if I get the opportunity, but have a feeling everybody beat me to it!

Still a pretty good week, and definitely under my $5 challenge (weekly spending limit at drugstores/Target combined). I may even make this amount lower next month!

How did you do this week? CVS or Walgreens for you? Or Rite Aid?

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