Thursday, May 21, 2009

Get Started Part 4- Let Others Work For You

We all want to save money, but sometimes it can seem a little overwhelming to even get started. This series is meant as an aid to get you started in the business of saving money for your family.

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Since this is the business of saving money for your family, I want to talk about the need for allowing others to work for you in the business.

Here's what I mean:

There are already people researching all the latest deals, finding all the coupons, learning the system and writing about it. There are blogs, websites, photos, lessons, descriptions, scenarios, anything you might need to know about a store near you is out there somewhere. Don't try to duplicate all the work that has already been done. Enjoy it. Thank the writer. And gratefully use their advice to make your "business" grow.

Need an example? Surviving the Stores has a tab each for getting started, Walgreens and CVS, and each of these go into great depth about what to do and how to do it. On a weekly basis this site shows the deals for the drugstores, the coupons that work with the deals, how to do the deal, and even some scenarios of how to purchase the items while spending the least amount of money. Instead of doing all the research to figure out all of this information for myself, I gladly go here to get started on saving money.

Another thing you want to do while you are learning how to start, but something that has likely already been done for you? Learn the system. Each store has different deals, coupon policies, rebate programs, etc. It is best to try and learn how the system works first so you can again let the system work best for your benefit. Again, this has already been done for you, so don't try to spend all your time on this. Deal Seeking Mom has some great info on various drugstores and how they work.

You can see even here that I am not trying to redo what has already been done. I am trying to give you the simple steps (and links) to getting started with saving money for your family.

Got questions? Need more info? Ask away!

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