Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Homemade Baby Food

I started looking into making my own baby food a while back, well before my son was ready to start eating food, but I figured I needed to start understanding the process for when the time came.

The time is now!

I just made carrots for the first time for my son! Had some carrots I did not want to have to toss, so I decided to cook them up and give it a try. Put most of it into an ice tray to freeze, but thought I would try some while it was warm and fresh. It was so easy to remove the skin, chop, steam, and puree, adding water for the right consistency. Faster and cheaper than going to the store to buy in a jar!

He ate it all and didn't make any disgusted faces either! We've done cereal and some avocado mixed with cereal, but this is a first for a vegetable on it's own.

I am so excited about the possibilities as well as saving so much money this way!


  1. I am also making my own baby food, although I have to be honest I have still bought some because there was such a great deal at BRU on Earth's Best organic so I am doing a mix between homeade and store bought. I am still working on perfecting the consistency though.

  2. I agree the consistency is hard! I think it was easier with the carrots than it seems to be with cereal for me!