Friday, May 15, 2009

How to Get Started-Part 3

So hopefully you've had a chance to start reading and researching, and now it is time to really get into this whole saving thing.

Coupons! Star looking for them, start finding them, start saving them, start clipping them. Just start! You can buy a Sunday paper (get one from a bigger city as it will have more coupons in it), you can find coupons on line, or you can collect a combination of the two.

Coupon Clippers allows you to see each week what coupons are going to be in the Sunday paper. This may help you see if you don't want to buy a paper one week, or if you want to buy multiple papers on a week. I can't get a big city paper delivered to me where I live, but there are absolute advantages to doing this, and you can even get multiples delivered to you!

There are numerous places on line to find coupons. One of the first places is to go to your favorite manufacturer's website. Go directly to the source and you are likely to find what you are looking for. Go here to find a recent list of on line sources, just for kraft coupons!

No need to do again what has already been done great: It's Hip 2 Save and Bargain Briana both have a great reference page to all things coupons!

More reading and researching in all of this, I know, but you are soon going to find your fave spots for all the information you might ever need in life. At least all things in life having to do with saving money.

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