Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WFMW - The bottom of the candle

Today's Works For Me Wednesday post is supposed to be a frugal tip that works for me and I am excited (maybe a little too excited) to share what I do when I get to the bottom of a candle that just won't burn anymore...hop on over here to get more ideas or share one of your own.

I enjoy candles very much, recently finding that I really enjoy soy candles. They don't leave soot everywhere and I've found some very good deals recently to get some for very close to free (go to Target to get the new Glade soy candles). So, I burn them just like normal. I don't burn them all the time, but mostly when the cooking or the diapers have caused a bad stink, or when we are having company, so it sometimes takes a while to get to the bottoms.

Not too long ago I realized many of our candles were the very bottom, were very hard to light, and were just not working as well. We took just a little time to scrape out the bottoms, any remaining wax that could not be burned in the bottom. We took all the pieces from all the candles and put them in an old pot (one I didn't think I would need anymore) and made a double broiler so the wax could be melted over the boiling water and thus continue to let off the aromas. Even though there were many different candles, it just turned red, and the aroma is a beautiful potpourri that flows through the whole house.

This is what it looks like after it has all been melted together and then has set. Enjoy!


  1. what a great idea I love soy candles as well and will have to try this

  2. I had a boyfriend whose mom sold Home Interiors...she used to give us lots and lots of candles! When I get down to the end of a candle, I melt it down in a make-shift double boiler too. I use a coffee can in a pot of water. I then can do one of three things with the melted wax... make new candles or make firestarters by dipping pinecones or pouring it into an egg carton stuffed with dryer lint.

  3. awesome ideas! always great to have a fire starter ready! thanks.

  4. You can also do a double boiler setup with a mason jar. Then it's not hard to actually make a new candle - just purchase a wick and slip it down into the liquid wax.

  5. I am going to look at thrift for a double boiler. That is a great idea.