Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Homemade Baby Food

I saw that my Kroger has Organic Braeburn apples on sale this week for .78/lb! That's a great price, so I made sure I got by there to get some for making applesauce for my son.

While I was there I also got some bananas just for eating (I like them to still be a little green) and noticed some that were marked down because they were a little older. I got them home and realized all this meant was one had two bruises, one was opened a little bit, and they were already yellow instead of green. My husband likes them more yellow, and I knew they would make great baby food since they are a little more ripe. The newer bunch was .38/lb and the older ones were .29/lb.

I bought an extra recyclable bag while I was in there (they are .80 each right now), just under 7 lbs of apples and almost 5.5 lbs of bananas. For $8.11. I saved $8.48. I was pleased with this, and am greatly looking forward to breaking these amounts down even further once I have made all the baby food to see how much I paid compared to buying prepared food for him.

I'll write another post once I have figured up all the numbers. I am estimating that 1 banana will get me 2 meals (how my son is eating now) and each of these bananas coast me .12, meaning that each meal cost me .06! I like that number!! Much better than store-bought!


  1. i am such a slacker when it comes to baby food, i would love to make my own, but i am lazy and unmotivated.

  2. Love your blog! I think I am most excited because (a) it is still new (b) we just got a cheap chest freezer so I am able to make large batches at once instead of making it each time he eats (c) I don't have cabinet space for all the little containers, let alone the money to buy them. This is my motivation.