Sunday, May 10, 2009

Menu Plan Monday Wk of 5/11

Week 1 of my first month of planning out all meals and not eating out at ALL went great! We ended up having people over for dinner one night, but made it a potluck and finished with more food than we started with, easily getting us through the week.
Week 2 is now under way.

Monday: Random leftovers and corn on the cob (it's really good and cheap right now)

Tuesday: Mandarin Orange Chicken

Wednesday: Mexican "Un-stuffed" Shells (from the freezer) Used small shell pasta for this and just mixed it all together.

Thursday: Mandarin Orange Chicken #2

Friday: Cookout at a going-away party for some friends

Saturday: Eating out with the In-laws (I know, we are not eating out this month, but they have said they are taking us out, so as long as we are not paying for it, I will agree to go)

Sunday: Salsa Chicken and Black Bean Soup

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  1. Happy Be-lated first Mothers Day to you! :0)