Monday, May 4, 2009

New Budget Weekly Goals

I thoroughly enjoy finding great deals at CVS, Walgreens and Target. And I really enjoy trying to use the ECB's, RR's and gift cards that I accrue buy purchasing items in these stores to then purchase more items that will give me more ECB's, RR's and gift cards, and so on...
So with this new month and my new budget (and knowing that many of the things I get at these stores are not always needed at the moment but are always used eventually) I have decided that I will allow myself to spend no more than $5 in a week out of pocket (oop) at all of these stores. combined.
So here is how week 1 is going for me (and I am pretty sure I am done unless I see another amazing deal that just can't be passed up): I got everything pictured below, plus my non-pictured Aveeno travel pack valued at $9.99 (since it is advertised but was not sent to stores in my area...frustrating) for $.90. Yep. 90 cents oop this week.

I got the 3 Aveeno lotions at Walgreens on sale for $2.63 and I used the printable (don't have the link) coupon for $2 off each one. With this purchase I was supposed to get the travel bag, but they did not get them and I had to persuade the manager to give me a rain check showing that I had bought what I was supposed to get without receiving my gift! Weird that I had to ask for it and convince him!
The aluminum foil was my filler, on sale for .59.
I also used a $2 RR. Total oop was .90. I did not walk away with any RR, but still have $11 RR from previous visits.

I got the 2 glade candles (again this month! since I miraculously had 2 SS inserts in my one paper yesterday! yay!) on sale for $5.99 with 2 $4/1 coupons. I used my $5 gift card from the Special K deal last week.
Then I did the Fiber One deal at Target, buy any 4 and get a $5 gift card. I got 3 of the cereals on sale for $2.39 and used 3 $1/1 coupons. I also got 1 of the toaster pastries on sale for $1.79 and had .50/1 coupon for this. I used the rest of my $5 from the Special K deal and then my new one from the glade deal, and walked away with .11 still on one card plus a new $5 card.

I don't think I will get anything at CVS this week, but have $4 ECB for future trips.

I'm happy with week 1.

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