Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Shopping Trip to Wgs

Last night I was looking at the Walgreens deals for next week and I decided I was not very excited. But I had $16 RR that were expiring Sunday and I would much rather roll them than to purchase things just to use the money and then have to start the "rolling" process all over again. Especially since my goal is to spend as little as possible oop each week.

So, I made a stop today. I knew they had the calcium for $8.99 and yielding a $9 RR. I had $9.50 RR I was going to use so I knew I would need some fillers. As I was flipping through the flyer to remember what was on special I ran across the .59 Butterball Chicken Broth! Perfect! 2 weeks ago when I was shopping I received 2 $1/2 for Butterball broth at Wgs. Niiice! Just needed one more thing at about .16 to get to my $9.50 RR (and I wanted to stay as close to this as possible while still buying something of some use. I found hair bands on clearance for .20. Again, perfect!

So here is what I got:

1 Posture D Calcium Vitamins @ $8.99
4 Butterball Chicken Broth @.59 each
1 2-pack hairbands @.20

I used 2 $1/2 Q for the broth
I used 2 RR for a total of $9.50

I paid $.57 out of pocket
I have a $9 RR for another trip
Total Savings: $15.23

Nice random trip to Wgs for me! How did you do?

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