Thursday, April 2, 2009

March Spending and Saving

I went through all my receipts (i went shopping way too often!) and tallied up how much I actually spent with how much I saved, etc.
Here is the breakdown (this includes all groceries and household items, and I know this is a lot for a family of 3, with one of those being an infant, but that is what I am working on, getting the spending down by using coupons and other means):

What I would have spent if I actually bought everything at retail cost (granted, I wouldn't have bought many of these things if I weren't getting superb deals, but just to look at the numbers): $1174.98

What I saved using coupons, store sales, and rebates: $580.07

What I actually spent OOP:$609.53

Percentage of savings in March: 48.95%

Not bad, but I can definitely do better and still get everything we need for our family!


  1. This is still a great savings! Are you just getting started in saving through coupons? Thank you for adding Coupon Saving Game to your blogroll!

  2. Stephanie, I enjoy the blog greatly, thanks for all you share.
    and yes, march was my first month at using coupons, so I am very new and still getting the hand of everything,so I hope to do much much better in april!

  3. You did great. Couponing takes a while to get the hang of. Take babysteps and before you know it you will be running!