Thursday, April 9, 2009

Looking at the unit price of products

I never allot as much time as I really need to do my weekly shopping. I always underestimate how long my trip might take, and usually have to return home early (to feed my infant) only to make another trip out later. I think eventually I will get faster, as I am still learning where things are located in each store, but for now, I am ok with my speed (or lack thereof) because I feel it is helping me to save money in the long run.

I am new to shopping at CVS and Wgs, but over the last month I have noticed something (on my slow shopping trips) that makes me think twice about buying products. It is so great when things go on sale at these stores, plus they offer a store coupon and there happens to be a mfg coupon available too! But then I get to the store and realize that the original price is so high that including all of the above discounts, the product may be the same price as getting it at Wal Mart, and then I look a little closer and realize how much smaller the product is in these stores compared to a grocery store or discount store! Have you ever taken time to notice this and figure out how "good" the deal really is?

It is not just these types of stores I have noticed this in, though. Have you heard about or noticed for yourself how the packages of things that we have always gotten are getting smaller but costing the same amount of money? It is really hard to tell unless you are looking at an older version and newer version side by side, but if you are a more observant person (sometimes I am a little too observant) you may notice the difference when you look at it or when you hold it.

So, why am I such a slow shopper? Well, besides learning where things are, I am constantly trying to figure out in my head how good the deal really is compared to what I am getting. This is one thing I really like about Wal Mart, thst the unit price is next to the actual price of most products so I can take a wuick glance and know that I am getting the best deal for my precious dollars!

1. Know the products you lost often buy and the best price you can get them for (unit price).
2. Be willing to spend a little extra time in the begining to shop around.
3. Be willing to wait for a better deal to come along; coupons usually last for at least a couple of months.
4. Take a calculator with you.
5. Learn to stretch each dollar a little further.


  1. The smaller package thing is driving me nuts! I used formula with my first daughter and I know use the same kind with my baby and it is 2 ounces less and costs the same. So frustrating.
    I always think twice about my clearance purchases. I will get excited when I see it, throw it in the cart but as I am shopping I start asking myself do you really need this!

  2. Yeah, another reason to shop slowly, sometimes we realize what's in the cart is something we could do without, totally agree!!