Saturday, April 18, 2009

Be Simple, Save Money, Go Green - Part 3

Sorry about missing part 3 yesterday. It was a busy day getting ready for some company, but they are out now and I am catching up.
So I have been discussing some simple ways in which any and all of us can go green without too much of a hassle or too much out of our pocket. Going green doesn't have to mean you spend more green. Let's see how this can work.
To find part 1 go here, and for part 2 go here. Now for three....

8. Recycle Your Paper. Yes, there is the part of this where you buy recycled paper. But what I mean is that you recycle your paper. How many times do we print things (besides our resume) that we use but then toss (maybe even recycle) before thinking about using the back. All you have to do is keep a "scrap" pile next to your regular pile of paper and use it whenever you aren't turning it in for a grade or something. You'll end up buying printer paper less often since you are using both sides.
9. Rechargeable batteries. A simple one here, but sometimes we all need a little reminder. Maybe they are a little more expensive to initially pay for, but you will get a much longer life out of them, and then you are not always throwing away the old ones (good job to those of you who may use regular batteries but at least recycle them).
10. Just Start. Take a step, or a jump, or even a leap, but you have to start somewhere. One of the best places to start is simply recycling. This may not help you save a ton of money in the beginning, but sometimes you can turn things in for change, and change always adds up to more change. Start recycling and soon you'll feel good about this and see the changes around you and you'll want to take a bigger leap!

Just start today!
Good luck!

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