Sunday, April 26, 2009

OAMM Guest Post

If you are visiting from Once a Month Mom, thanks for stopping by for a visit!
When I started blogging a few months back about great deals there was a part of it that was to keep myself accountable, but there was a part of it to try and find the best deals and share them with others. In my quest to do this I began to find the best bloggers around in all areas of life (since if you are going to go frugal I think you should go all in), from tips to freebies and gardening to cooking. I have learned the ways of CVS and Wgs, I have learned how to find a coupon for just about anything, and I have learned how to cook enough food to last for a month (or more).
I do not actually have enough freezer space to do all the cooking at once, but I have made some amazing meals for our family and I am so excited to start using this same site to make baby food for my 4 month old. Once A Month Mom has been a great resource to me for cooking in large quantities and learning how to store it properly as well as tips, deals, baby food, family life and more. I have the great priviledge of doing a guest post on their site today, so go on over here and check out this amazing resource for yourself, I think you'll be hooked!

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