Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Going green, one day at a time...

I know it is the end of Earth Day at this point, but wanted to get my two cents in before it is completely gone.
One of the things I have really started to work on in my home (and in my life) is to simplify. To de-clutter. To get rid of junk. To go through piles of things lying around and chuck the things that are from the 1900's!! It has been a very reviving and cleansing process for me.
With this, I have now got piles of stuff to get rid of, but I know not all of it just goes in the dumpster, so I have been trying really hard to make sure I am recycling the things that I can. I know this is not huge, especially for some very environmentally friendly folks, but it is huge for me and my family.
It has been nice to simplify. Nice to get rid of clutter. Nice to know that I can help the environment in the process. And nice to know that maybe we are creating some better habits that our boy will see and learn to love!
Happy Earth Day! Treat it with respect everyday!

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