Friday, April 24, 2009

Free Friday Night Fun

I am really excited about tonight!! My husband and I spent one day and night away from our infant last week when I surprised him with a trip to a Phillies baseball game. It was a great day, and though we really missed our son, it was great for us to have a day together and for him to spend a lot of quality time with grandma and grandpa.
Tonight is not going to be quite that exciting, but it will be a lot cheaper and it will be fun! I have a coupon for Olive Garden that is about to run out, plus a gift card we were given just before the birth. Beside our baseball game, this will be our first actual date since our son was born and I am way excited. Not only for a free meal, but also free babysitting, and a wonderful night with my best friend, my husband!
Want an idea for a cheap Friday night at home? Pop up some popcorn and go to and watch a few episodes of your favorite show or even a movie they have that you have yet to see. It's free, the picture is great, you can pause it when you need to, and the commercials are not as long.

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