Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have been on a journey to really try to simplify things in our family's life. Last week we had company, thus we took a good bit of our evenings to clean the house. But not just wiping and vacuuming and such, I mean really cleaning. Going through junk and bagging up lots of trash, recyclables and things to give away. It felt good to get rid of stuff. It felt good to be really clean (though we had 3 guys visiting so it didn't last for long!).
Well, today I decided it was time to do more. Time to go through my clothes and simplify that area of my life. I just found out recently that my church is beginning to collect clothes to give away soon and thus, even more motive to go deep in my closets.
It felt great to do it, feels great that it is done and I feel more organized in my closet (now singular) and it feels great to know my clothes will soon go to worthy and needy homes! Here is some (not all) of what I collected. Please note this is just my clothes, not my husband or son's. Feels good!

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