Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saving big by starting small

I am almost halfway through my second month of trying to be a more frugal shopper. This has included learning the CVS and Wgs systems, buying newspapers to clip coupons, and following numerous blogs to find the best deals around.
When I first started I decided that I needed to go all in right away. I bought the paper, clipped all the coupons, printed all the internet coupons available, found as many blogs and websites as I could to further my knowledge, and did as much shopping as I could to make sure I was getting ALL the deals everyone was talking about. I did get a LOT of stuff, and without spending too much more money than I had been in a normal month, but I also realized that I probably could have started a lot more gradually in order to better figure out the system before just diving into the deep end.
So this is where I am this month. Trying to be a little more conservative in my choices. I've had some time now to do more research, figure out what the best deals really are, and allow myself room to make wiser choices. The biggest part of this for me is going smaller. Yes, there are amazing deals, and there are people who can get them all and spend only pennies, but I need to be OK with starting small, with knowing when it is OK to pass up a deal.
So for now I am going to set smaller goals, make smaller purchases and have smaller savings in mind so that I can eventually save big!

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