Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WFMW- How to simplify

I am learning to simplify in life, and although I am new at this, and definitely by no means a pro, I can tell you one thing that is working for me right now.

I am not as organized as I used to be (since having a child) and don't have as good a memory as I used to. These things considered, I feel like I lose stuff a LOT more than I ever used to. Because of this I have realized just how much stuff we have around the house. Things that we need surrounded by things we don't, buried underneath the clutter, under the pile of clothes that have been washed but not folded, beside the 10 candles on top of the entertainment center, etc. Get the point? There is so much stuff around-whether needed or not-that I can't find things when I need them anymore, like keys and phone and pacifier...I once spent 6 months in New Zealand with pretty much everything I needed in 2 suitcases. 2 suitcases!! If I could do it for 6 months, why can't I do it for a year, or 2 years, or as a lifestyle? Why do I have SO MUCH STUFF?

So I have decided to try and simplify things, slowly making my way through the house, but starting with a small goal of the kitchen. See, I think if I can start with what's inside of the cabinets, then maybe I won't have so much junk around on the counters but instead can make room behind closed doors for better organization.

I am starting with drinks. I have had a cabinet full of different flavors of drink mixes and teas. Mixes for pitchers and for smaller water bottles, as well as over a dozen different flavors of tea! I've decided I shouldn't need this many choices. I should be able to have just a couple of drink mixes, and a couple of choices when I want tea (especially since right now I drink a lot more coffee than tea anyway!). It's kind of like going on a spending fast, but just in this area, that way I can start small, not get overwhelmed, and I can see results quickly in one area, thus motivating me to move on to the next, gradually creating this way of living that comes naturally for our family.

So far, it's working for me to take it one baby step at a time. What about you? Do you have ways for simplifying your life? Do you have something else that works for you that we can all learn from? Go over here and let us know.


  1. I'm agreeing with you - clutter needs to go, and the best way to accomplish that is baby steps. I'm still working on mine!

  2. Oh I need to do this so bad. Since having my second baby (also in Dec.) I can't seem to get a grasp on all the clutter. I just want to take one whole day and go room to room and clear out the junk. Then there is the basement, that will take a whole week!!!

  3. Crazy how it takes just seconds to create it all, and yet so long to try and clean it up!

  4. I've been trying to do this since the new year began and it is so much better. Life does not require as much stuff as we think we "need".