Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Organizational Bliss or Doom?

I am often told I am a very organized person.
And I would often describe myself this way.
But I don't really think I am.

Clue #1
I work mostly from home, but do go into the office once a week. This means that most things that I use on a regular basis or still need to do follow-up with are kept in my computer bag that is always around the house and also goes in with me. I have a folder in that bag labeled "follow up needed." As I currently look through it, there are things from spring still in there...What if I need it tomorrow? What if someone asks me a question about it I was not expecting? What if's keep the things in my bag growing...

Clue #2
If you ask me a question about something I have on my computer, I may "know" exactly where it is, but it may take me a while to find it. I remember doing it, or taking notes on it, but then not sure where I put it from there. If there is something I need to get to on a regular basis, I keep it on my desktop for ease...but as I keep adding things, the "ease" of finding things starts to wane.

Clue #3
I know there is something I am supposed to do this month to change my voice-mail on my phone since my cell phone company got bought by another...just can't find that piece of paper that told me what I needed to do...

Clue #4
There are random papers, receipts, folders, magazines, etc, etc, all around the house. Piles here and there of papers that I have kept for some reason, and although I am not sure of the reason anymore, I know there was an original reason, so I am not sure about trashing them just yet...

Clue #5
It was so easy to come up with the first 4 clues...I'm afraid if I allow myself more time on the subject I may start to think I am really not organized at all...

I know I need to start small. I know I need to start with the non-essentials and just start getting rid of things. I know that I need to de-clutter more often. I know I want my house, car, and work environment to be more minimalistic and organized. I just need to do these things now. If you have any great tips on how to get motivated, I think that is what I am lacking in most right now. That, and maybe a little better understanding of what it really means to be organized!

To read about people who really do have great ideas about organizing (I may spend the rest of my day reading) head on over here.


  1. I am totally disorganized and my clutter discourages me a lot. One thing that helps me is to have at least one area that's organized, even if it's something really small. And some days, in order to "organize" it, I take everything in that area and put it in a bag to deal with later. I know it's putting off the inevitable, but some days you just need to look at a clean desk. Sometimes that's enough to motivate me to start working on the junk I just put in the bag...

    Good luck with motivation; I'm sure once you get started you'll find that the organizing itself is motivation on its own. And I'm sure you're very organized, which means the organization will go all that much quicker.

  2. Pick one area that you really want to work on and schedule (really put it on your calendar) an appointment with yourself.

    Smaller chunks of time might be better for you than taking on a really large project all at once. Set a timer for 30 minutes and work on that one area or task-don't leave the area to put stuff away until you are all done-you don't want to get distracted.

    Stop by and check out more ideas.