Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yard Sale Find

It's been a while since I had any good yard sale finds...but this past weekend I scored!
It was my last stop, and was not on my list of places I was even headed. I was frustrated about a house I struggled to find (and then realized was not a good one at all!) and saw one more sign that made me want to stop.
There were lots of bricks, a few pieces of furniture, lots of books, etc. But a little coffee table got my attention. We have often thought it would be nice to have one, both for us and for our son who is learning to walk so he can have more in the living room to practice standing/walking. Then I saw the price tag. A joke? Only $5? Must be something terribly wrong. Must be weak, or maybe I am not seeing a crack or the damage that it has? I lift it a little to see if it is really light and flimsy. Nope. It's actually pretty heavy duty! Really, only $5?
Call husband to see if he is ok with it, then try to figure out how in the world I might get it home. I have my car with me (and I don't know if it would have fit if my car were totally empty) and forgot to take things out before I left the house, so the trunk was packed full, the back seat had the car seat and base, plus some car toys and a toy box I bought at another house...yeah, not so much room.
Maybe I should just forget about it?
Not meant to be?
Maybe I'll ask the owners and see if I could possibly come back later to get it?
Score! Hand over my $5 bill and I am on my way to go find a bigger vehicle to borrow. And I am SO glad I got it. Still can't believe it was only $5, and that I almost didn't even get it!

The clear plastic corner pieces were added by us as precaution for our little guy. It fits nicely, it's a good height for the little one, and it is nice to have something to put our feet on after a long, hard day!

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