Thursday, April 1, 2010

Veggie Co-op

I'm so excited about joining this co-op! Who knew?! I don't necessarily live in a place where I thought something like this would exist, but through word of mouth...
We tried our first garden last year, and we had some good meals that came from it. But it wasn't a great year for our first try. It was very wet, and we definitely did not get out of the garden what we felt we should, for the work and money that was put into making it happen. I was excited ready to try again this year, but after hearing about this frugal opportunity, I am hanging up my gloves this year and spending extra time with my boys!
I have paid a minimal amount of money to be able to go once a week for 24 weeks (from May to Oct) to get 5 lbs of veggies I choose. It also includes a bunch of corn, a big pumpkin, and a hayride at the end, plus a couple of sessions of canning! I am so excited right now because I just got my officially membership card in the mail. I'll continue to update how it actually ends up.

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