Thursday, January 14, 2010

Meal Planning Conflicts

I mentioned here how I seem to have a habit of planning too many meals for what we actually end up eating in a week. Even in a regular week I thought maybe I had planned too much for this week, and the funny thing is that it is already Thursday and we have only had two of the recipes I planned for, the Apple and Sausage Pie and the Blueberry Snack Cake.
Random things happen that we don't get to all the meals.
Sometimes it is that there are more leftovers from a meal than I planned for and we eat the leftovers before preparing extra meals.
Sometimes one of us will get a craving (I am pregnant, and my husband gets pregnant cravings too!) and we will fill that craving and save the planned meal for another time.
Sometimes other plans come up for a meal that we hadn't planned on, like getting invited to a friend's house.
So, this week.
I got some cheap, and oh so good, avocados from the store and we made some guacamole. Honestly, this sometimes becomes a meal for us, and it did. For two nights this week. That, along with some bread with dipping oil that my husband was craving.
Then last night we made the pie and it was really good. So good, that since we were short on prep time tonight, we decided to eat the leftovers for dinner.
It was simple, and good. And what's really exciting is that, as picky as our son has become about trying new foods, he tried all the ingredients in this. Before it was all put together, but I was excited still. He tried the crust and liked it. He tried the apples after they were cooked in onion and garlic, and liked them. He tried the sausage, and like it. He tried the feta cheese and liked it. Success on many fronts with this meal! I recommend it!
I also made the Blueberry Snack Cake for breakfast this morning and it was a hit as well. So much so that I forgot to get a picture of that one.
Lots of meals yet to try. All ingredients already purchased. We are invited to a friend's for dinner this Saturday. I think we might have some meals for next week.

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