Monday, March 15, 2010

New Stage

I just recently turned 30.
And a few days later I had my second child.
I am getting older and my family has gotten bigger, and I need to be better about my time.
I wrote about being more efficient here and then an update here.
I wouldn't say I am doing great, but I have had a lot going on, so it's been hard to find my rhythm with this. But I am determined now.
My mom gave me the book Steady Days when my son was born 2 weeks ago. I have read some of it. I am trying to get ideas. To get inspired. To get my butt in gear!
This evening I took about 5 minutes to purge my "container drawer" where I keep all my food storage containers.  I threw away lids that had no containers, and threw away containers that had no lids. Then I took about 20 that I rarely use (since I have SO many and only so many places to put them since my deep freezer died) and stored that on an open shelf going down to the basement. I didn't want to throw them all away in case I do need them one day. And surely I would need them first thing tomorrow if I threw them away tonight.
Anyways, it was 5 minutes. But it felt great and it was a simple start for me to be headed in the right direction. To get cleaned up. To simplify. To make life feel more in order somehow.

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