Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Menu Update...

I did get some motivation to look up a few easy recipes and make it to the store this morning...

Yesterday we snacked enough on fruits and nuts (and a surprise loaf of pumpkin bread from my mom!) that we weren't hungry for lunch, which means we still have the soup we were going to eat available for today or tomorrow.

Then when we got off work and picked up our son (in the middle of the afternoon) we decided it would be a great (non-rush) time to go get some pancakes at IHOP since it was National Pancake Day and they were free! We did get a side item and tip, but it was a great meal for next to nothing! And it saved having to figure out dinner!

So I picked up just a few things this morning (before any snow rush started at the stores) and will also be able to make some things from ingredients already on hand. On the list:

homemade baked oatmeal
homemade granola
a spinach salad with bacon, eggs and mushrooms on top
a chicken and rice dish with bacon and carrots and a cream cheese sauce on top
a "cabbage roll" soup dish
another chicken and rice dish with carrots and onions, for later in the week
and stuff for a big breakfast for a meeting tomorrow: eggs, bacon, potatoes and mushrooms

I didn't have to buy a lot, and shouldn't have to do much for any of these meals, but I'm pretty excited about all the dishes we'll get out of the ingredients I've got.

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