Monday, February 1, 2010

Remodeling and Organizing

I am SO excited about this organizing challenge over at I'm An Organizing Junkie! Seriously excited! It gives me a challenge and gives me a deadline and these are good things for me.
When I woke up this morning I was pretty sure I was already going to start my project today. I am 34 weeks pregnant and wanting to get some things organized before I can unpack all my newborn stuff and get it where I want it.
My husband has been working on remodeling a closet in our house that I would be able to use as a linen/storage closet. Unfortunately I did not get before pictures of the closet. The mismatched shelves. The chipping paint. The part of the wall falling off. The extra sheets, pillows and diapers shoved into the two shelves was bad.
He fixed the wall, got rid of the chipping paint, re-sized all shelves to fit, and primed the walls. I told him not to paint for a couple of reasons: I am excited to organize and want to get started, and I am not worried about spending more time and money on a closet. I would like to find a couple more good organizing baskets to go in the closet, but thus far, it has been a free project as we already had everything needed to get the job done. Here is the closet, ready to be organized (once I remove the bucket).
And here are pictures of the places I have other random things stored where they don't belong/I don't want them.
This is all the stuff that was shoved into the closet and has been patiently waiting in the hallway for over a month now.
(I don't know why this one won't rotate correctly)
And this is all the stuff that is in random rooms and areas that I want neatly organized in my new closet. I want the armoire available for baby stuff and these shelves could be put to much better use as well. Towels, toiletries,'s all going to find a new home. 

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  1. Good luck! I know it's going to look great when you're done!