Friday, March 13, 2009

Trial Week 2

This was my second week trying out the whole coupon thing...getting the Sunday paper, clipping internet coupons, reading blogs and other web sites, etc. and I think I have done much better! I left Sunday almost immediately after church to go to PA to visit family with my husband and 3 month old. I took all my lists and coupons, etc, especially for the wgs diaper sale and was so excited, only to find very few (and none near where I was) wgs!
We got back in town Wed afternoon and after my husband fixed a flat we had on one car before we left, i proceeded to go to a couple of one set of diapers and a few other cheapies/freebies at wgs, and I was satisfied (especially since I thought all the diapers would be gone!)
I left work on Thursday with my 3 month old in tow and hit 3 stores, and when my husband got home later I went to 2 others. These pics only show what I got on Wed and the first 3 stores on Thurs, but I am a proud shopper.
I know my spending is still more and saving still less than many I see in the bloggosphere, but I saved more than I spent (a first ever) and have $40 to use at wgs and cvs next week!

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